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   After going to 6 different massage therapists, I chose Dianne for biweekly deep therapeutic massage. All the therapists I tried were satisfactory, but Dianne stood head and shoulders above the rest, and 39 sessions later, I am delighted that the standard hasn't changed. Her consistent excellence is a strong point, and just as important to me is the fact that she LISTENS. She hears my needs and concerns. She works with me to address my physical issues. I've gotten tangible results. Before going to her, I needed to go to my chiropractor 25 times a year (on average) for pain relief. Last year I went 6 times to my chiropractor. Therapeutic massage has paid for itself.

    I recommend Dianne Renninger unreservedly.

by Mimi T, 12/08/2009



After suffering for many years with headaches, my doctor said I had two choices: massage or the chiropractor. The decision wasn't hard when I knew I didn't want my back, neck, and body cracked. I started going to Dianne weekly until I started seeing results. Once I was feeling better the appointments were less and less. It ended up that I had many 'trigger points' throughout my neck and upper back that were causing these painful headaches that were mainly located behind my eyes. Dianne knew exactly where to go on my body when I told her I had headaches behind my eyes; so it wasn't a guessing game. I would recommend Dianne Renninger and Holistic Health Center as a whole for Therapeutic Massage.

 It's a wonderful way to relax while you know you're problems are melting away.



  Ashley B.



A few months ago I had extreme pain under my rib cage so the doctor ran several tests to see what was wrong, but was unable to find any reason for the pain.  Even after taking pills for the pain, I felt I was at the end of the line.  A friend suggested I try massage therapy at the Holistic Health Center with Dianne Renninger.  As a last resort I decided to give it a try and after two or three sessions my pain was relieved.  I no longer need pain medication for the problem.

I would recommend massage therapy with Dianne to anyone who wants relief from body aches and pains.


Don D.


Since Dianne's cupping session, this is the best my shoulder has felt in 10 years.

Kevin C.


I've been going to Sarah for about a year now. She is an excellent therapist!! I don't even have to tell her what bothers me anymore because she picks right up on what's going on with my body.She knows what she is doing and I always have great relief after seeing her. She always makes me feel comfortable and I can see she really loves what she does. I would recommend her in a heartbeat!


Alesha L.

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