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Services and Rates

Investing in massage is an investment in your health.

       Dianne's Extended Massage (approx 90 min.)                   $75

Extended Massage  (approx 90 min)                              $70

Dianne"s Full Massage (approx 60 min.)                        $55

Full Massage  (approx 60 min)                                       $50

Dianne's Partial Massage ( approx 30 min.)                   $35

Partial Massage   (approx 30 min)                                  $30

Cold Stone Face Lift (approx 45 min)                             $35

Cold Stone Therapy for Headaches (approx 45 Min)     $35

Life Coaching Sessions (per 60 min)                              $55

Enhanced Therapies: add to your massage for $10

Aroma Therapy

Sugar Foot Scrub

Skin Brushing

Anti-Aging Face Massage

Special Deep Tissue Massage


 Gift Certificates are available for all services by phone or in person. 

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