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Lyn Belford graduated from Health Options Institute in 2005 and holds a license to practice Massage Therapy in PA. She has worked in a day spa and private practice. Lyn is also experienced in sports massage and has worked for a college swim team.


                               Lyn is trained in the following modalities:                                     


SWEDISH: Long gliding and kneading stokes

EFFECTS: Relaxation, boosts circulation, increases range of motion, and relieves pain



EFFECTS: Spreading and lengthening of muscles to gain greater structural balance;

also aids and maintains the effects of chiropractic work


NEUROMUSCULAR/TRIGGER POINT THERAPY: Finger pressure is applied to “trigger points”

EFFECTS: Relieving pain by breaking cycles of muscle spasm


MYOFASCIAL RELEASE: Gentle prolonged stretching strokes

EFFECTS: Release of fascia


LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE: Gentle massage towards major draining sites

EFFECTS: Encourages the natural drainage of lymph. Helps with relief from swelling

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